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Bullet Train

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Bullet Train tell story about "Unlucky assassin Ladybug is determined to do his job peacefully after one too many gigs gone off the rails. Fate, however, may have other plans, as Ladybug's latest mission puts him on a collision course with lethal adversaries from around the globe—all with connected, yet conflicting, objectives—on the world's fastest train..".

Cast : Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon, Bad Bunny, Sandra Bullock, Zazie Beetz, Logan Lerman, Masi Oka, Karen Fukuhara, Kevin Akiyoshi Ching, Minchi Murakami, Kaori Taketani, Toshitaka Katsumi, Jim Garrity, Emelina Adams, Jenson Cheng, Nobuaki Shimamoto, Yoshi Sudarso, Johanna Watts, Ian Martinez, Tania Verafield, Pancho Cardena, Julio Gabay, Andrea Muñoz, Nancy Daly, Arnold Chun, Naomi Matsuda, Benmio McCrea, Pasha D. Lychnikoff, Joshua Johnson-Payne, Miles Marz, Michelle Lee, Parker Lin, Garland Scott, Jason Matthew Smith, Zooey Miyoshi, Kamil Aydin, David Leitch, Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds, M.G. Gong, Alonso Saravia, Ricky Su, Marco M Torres, Ebaa AbuAmmar, Chris Aemond, Naomi Amante, Ayne Aoun, Gina Aponte, Ray Buffer, Justin Cabanting, Anna Carina, Kate Chen, Josh Cruze, Louis Delavenne, Mike Ferguson, Reut Fish, Rolando Gonzalez, Brandon Halvorsen, Masashi Ishizuka, Reyna Kajino, Shota Kakibata, Alice Ko, David Kuahiwinui, Waymond Lee, Leon Masuda, Ego Mikitas, Shoko Rice, RiRia, Lyonne Sakamoto, Ezra Samson, Jose J. Santana, Sakura Sugihara, Kim Taratko, Charlotte Xia, Harrison Xu

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  • Runtime : 126 minutes (2' 06")
  • Genre : Action Comedy Thriller
  • Production : Columbia Pictures 87North Productions
  • Release : July 03, 2022
  • Countries : United States of America
  • Languages : 日本語

User Reviews

  • MSB

    9 day ago - FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ "Bullet Train employs David Leitch's maximalist style in a purposefully silly narrative driven by frenetic action and distinct humor. Although it doesn't stray from the familiar formulas and doesn't leave viewers blown away by never-before-seen action sequences, the execution of all the intended cinematic moments is more than satisfying, resulting in a couple of hours full of entertainment. The exceptional cast is worth the ticket, and every second with Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry is genuinely hilarious. Brad Pitt shines as well. Despite visual effects, script, and character development all traveling in economy class, it would be a "crime" not to recommend this trip." Rating: B

  • Kgprophet

    9 day ago - “Snatch” On A Train It should not be a coincidence that Bullet Train and the movie Snatch both feature Brad Pitt. This kind of offbeat storytelling appeals to Pitt. I get a flashback of Pitt in “Twelve Monkeys”, embracing the lunacy. One might also see Tarantino in the storytelling as well. Most of the critics get it right though, the execution is a little flat. What works however are the montages of the other assassins and their backstory. The entire production, and I mean every single shot, feels like it is from a graphic novel. Careful attention to glowing backlights from buttons or tv screens or fancy lighting in general makes this bristle with Japanese cityscape. In fact every shot of the Bullet train that goes from Tokyo to Kyoto (which I have taken myself) shows it as (CGI) cityscape. So the slick feel is done by using cutaway shots of the bullet train never leaving the city (believe it our not in reality the train does go through some countryside) as a punch point as some stunning event happens with the plot. So this is a thriller, and it tries to throw in some whodunnit of who killed who. It also adds tension as our protagonist does not know he is in possible danger while the audience has been clued in. I like the attempt to go against stereotypes with our main characters. That includes the rich adolescent daughter. Dressed innocently, she actually has a cold heart. As for Brad Pitt, he is a little too “this all for fun”, and becomes a little too relaxed in a movie star going through the motions kind of way. Which I guarantee is not what Pitt is actually doing. I think he takes any role seriously and is acting out his character to the fullest. It's just that his character feels a but thin here. I felt the movie started off on the wrong foot with the banter between Pitt and his handler. As an editor, I would trusted the audience to let Pitt enter the story without the on the nose exposition. I also think that a slightly more serious tone would not make the gratuitous violence feel so comic book. Therein lies the reason this movie exists in the first place, John Wick. Audiences are expecting creative action sequences, and there are many set pieces that take advantage of being stuck on a train. Two other main characters are a lower class set of English assassins, straight from “Snatch”. That movie depicted a good number of lower class criminals in England speaking goofy dialogue and taking part in some Three Stooges style of mishaps. The duo here spend the entire movie bickering, finding their personal problems more interesting than our caper. I felt their schtick was pushed (their names are Tangerine and Lemon), and the expected humour didn't really connect with the audience. Which is too bad, because they are essentially the main characters, probably getting more screen time than Pitt. The Japan setting worked very well, although I expect that none of the film was actually shot in Japan, except maybe one of the early establishing shots. The stylish production design necessitated lots of embellishments to the slick backgrounds that the real world can't match. That's OK, I appreciated how cool the movie looked as this convoluted world of Japanese but not Japanese criminals go after the Macguffin. That is, although this a Japanese crime movie, many of the key characters are not Japanese. As for the action scenes, they are serviceable with a mix of weapons and hand to hand fighting. However there is an annoying habit of victims dying and not dying. Those type of one twist too many issues prevent this movie from being a James Bond kind of generic thriller that delivers the goods. I just recently saw “Gray Man”, and took note that although the story had nothing original to say, it stayed to it's core action tenets and didn't try to confuse the audience with any real twists. So even though both of these films are losers for the critics, there still is a level of roller coaster ride mentality that makes a well made action yarn enjoyable. So I enjoyed this more than those recent lazy Fast and Furious films, but found the story too convoluted, even more than “Gray Man”. 6 out of 10.

  • garethmb

    4 day ago - I first got an extended look at “Bullet Train” during Cinemacon when a reel of the film was shown during the Sony showcase to an enthusiastic crowd. The footage mixed action and humor with quirky and dysfunctional characters and became a must-see film for me based on the teased footage. The film is based on a book by Kotaro Isaka and stars Brad Pitt as an operative named Ladybug. He is called at the last minute as a replacement and given instructions to board a Bullet Train and snatch a case in one of the passenger areas before exiting at the next station. Having gone through a recent crisis, Ladybug is awash in various philosophical and new age ideas as he attempts to find his inner peace and a new path in life, as such he does not take a gun with him when he boards despite being instructed to do so by his handler. The train is filled with various killers and dangerous people who are there to accomplish various goals and most of whom fail frequently in violent and hysterical manners which further complicate their agendas as well as that of the others and often puts them into conflict with one another as the story unfolds. It would be difficult to go into further detail on the various characters without spoiling some of the reveals and twists along the way but suffice it to say that Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry as Tangerine and Lemon are great and their banter, as well as capers, is a frequent highlight. There are some surprise cameos in the film which add to the fun and Joey King is as great as perhaps one of the more complicated characters in the film. Pitt is clearly the star but the film allows him as well as his supporting cast plenty of moments to shine and the humor flies fast and frequent as does the action which creates a very engaging and stylistic hybrid of western and Asian cinema. The film does drag slightly late before leading to the finale but thanks to the great cast and action it comes through in the end. Director David Leitch has worked on films such as “Deadpool 2”, “Atomic Blonde”, and “John Wick: and you can see that he has a knack for directing action and comedy as this is a very fun and engaging film that has some great action and humor and one that you will not want to miss. 4 stars out of 5.

  • r96sk

    4 day ago - Such a blast! Personally, I wasn't expecting much from 'Bullet Train' at all. The (most overplayed) trailer didn't fill with me with much interest and I thought the bullet train aspect would be gimmicky and perhaps even too limiting. However, to my surprise it's the exact opposite to all that. It's supremely entertaining and very amusing! I love the whole style of the film, the editing is top notch. the bloody visuals are class and the music is superbly chosen - every track hits. Then you also have an excellent cast. I thought, again based on the trailer(s) that I saw, it would be a run-of-the-mill Brad Pitt feature, but his performance is terrific throughout. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry are a quality double act, I thought their accents and dynamic would get tiresome but if anything I enjoyed them the more I saw them - funny guys! Joey King was the only character I wasn't sold on during the film, though by the end I dug her performance too. Andrew Koji and Hiroyuki Sanada are also very good, while Michael Shannon, Benito A. Martínez Ocasio (aka Bad Bunny) and Zazie Beetz are welcomed cast members as well. There are also a few other noteworthy people involved, including two that Pitt knows well from a different 2022 flick. Seriously, what a cast! If I had to mention one gripe, it would be the run time/pacing - this is me nit-picking, though at like one or two (no more than that) moments I did feel like it wasn't paced incredibly. Again, no biggie though. All in all, I most definitely had a great time with this and would certainly recommend it.* *still, if you want an even greater film set entirely on a train then you gotta check out the outstanding 'Source Code' - one of my favourites!

  • CinemaSerf

    1 day ago - Brad Pitt is "Ladybug" - a now zen-like, semi-retired, hitman brought out of retirement to appropriate a suitcase from a train. Easy enough task, you might think - especially as he obtains it relatively easily. It then transpires, though, that there is much more afoot. Also on the train are the two guys who own the suitcase - "Lemon" (Brian Tyree Henry) and his twin "Tangerine" (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who have been tasked with rescuing the recently kidnapped son of the legendary "White Death" crime lord and his ransom (in the suitcase). When the pair discover that their loot has gone missing and that their charge has developed a rather nasty habit of bleeding from the eyes, they have to keep their suspicious employer at bay and find their luggage whilst this high-speed train hurtles from Tokyo to Kyoto. Add to the mix the slightly enigmatic "Prince" (Joey King) - outwardly a charming, butter-wouldn't-melt, schoolgirl type, but really a gal who is also up to something with the rather hapless "Kimura" (Andrew Kohi) whose son she had recently pushed from a roof and, well... Yes, the plot is pretty convoluted at the start but with a monologue style narrative well delivered by an on-form Pitt, and an engaging repartee between the 'Thomas the Tank Engine" obsessed "Lemon" and his spiritual brother, this actually makes for quite a decent action adventure. It is way too long - it could comfortably shave twenty minutes from the character establishment phase, but the script is quickly paced and sometimes quite clever and there are plenty of action scenes that are fun to watch and don't take too long. It has shades of "Pulp Fiction" (1994) I thought - multiple characters with entertaining storylines that gradually involve and synergise all the characters. The ending isn't the best, and perhaps one might wonder about the complete lack of security not just on the train but at just about every station between the two cities. Carnage ensues pretty readily but no sign of a blue light. It's fun, throwaway, entertainment that follows on from "The Lost City" in which Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum allow Pitt the supporting role that he allows to both of them - and a tiny but of Ryan Reynolds too, if you are eagle-eyed, here. It's factory fodder, and you won't remember it by Christmas - but it's still nice to see some folks having fun on a big screen with no pretence whatsoever.

  • mooney240

    4 day ago - **Bullet Train combines all the action, expertise, and stunt work of John Wick with the pacing, goofiness, and fun of Hot Fuzz.** High energy, vibrant colors, funny characters, and excellent action fuel Bullet Train to take its audience on a wild and entertaining ride. Each character is larger than life and outrageous, but all fit perfectly in this vivid and comical world. Bullet Train feels like Edgar Wright’s version of John Wick - all the action is there, but so are all the comedy and quirky characters. Brad Pitt’s prowess as an actor shines as his ridiculous peace-loving assassin blunders through the film but never crosses the line into cliche or too much. Brian Tyree Henry’s Lemon is the most entertaining out of a cast of enthusiastic over-the-top characters that will have you laughing from the first second til the credits roll. Funny cameos and great action punctuate this already fun and colorful film. Bullet Train is a fun watch, but some poor visual effects distract from the ending and keep the rating from being higher. Even with its few faults, Bullet Train is a goofy, dynamic, and bright action flick that invents a fun world I wouldn’t mind exploring in future films.